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Deed Restricted Community

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Our neighborhood is monitored on a monthly basis for deed restriction violations.  However, if you are concerned about non-compliance with our deed restrictions, please contact us at
Deed Restriction Violations 
Below are some examples of common areas where deed restriction violations (DRVs) can occur. Most are common sense maintenance ideas that homeowners should do anyway to maintain their property values

Refer to the NWCC Deed Restrictions for a comprehensive list. 

  • Maintain property in good condition
  • Home needs painting, paint it. 
  • If fence has rotted away and is falling down, fix it or replace it. 
  • If the exterior brick is covered in grime or mold, power wash it. 
  • Exterior updates to front, sides and back of property, if visible from street or by back or side neighbors such as driveways, walkways, roofs, fences, exterior paint, gates, patios, pools must be submitted to ACC for review and approval prior any construction can begin.
  • Keep your lawn and home neat and tidy.  
  • Front and side yards need to be sodded with grass.
  • Our neighborhood has lots of trees; if grass won’t grow underneath your trees, use a groundcover like Mondo grass or Japanese ivy. 
  • Lawns must be mowed regularly and curbs must be edged. If you have flower beds, be sure to edge around these areas. Don’t forget to edge along the street-side curb. This is an area that is often missed and makes the street look particularly unkempt! 
  • In the fall, rake leaves and sweep up all those fallen pine needles.  
  • Keep the street/gutter in front of your home free of dirt and pine needles.This is important to keep rainwater moving to the storm sewers.
  • Keep flowerbeds clean and weed-free.
  • Shrubs, bushes and plants must be neat and trimmed regularly. Remove dead plants, trees, bushes, and branches promptly. 
  • No rubbish or debris can accumulate on your property that is visible from the street. This means keep the front and sides of your house looking nice!
  • Vehicles such as boats, campers and trailers must be stored in a garage or other enclosure.
  • Car ports, chain link or wire fences are not allowed.
  • Window air conditioning units must not be visible from the street.
  • Any major landscaping changes to front of your home must be approved by the ACC, in advance!

For homeowner concerns that fall outside of NWCC jurisdiction, such as loud neighbors, stray animals, trash/debris or odors coming from behind property fences, rodents, water/drainage problems, please use the City of Houston's 3-1-1 system.